11. 2018.


Jovović, Ivan; Peraković, Dragan; Husnjak, Siniša

With the development and application of modern information and communication equipment and services (ICES), global society has undergone significant development and progress in everyday life. Along with the positive, negative aspects of their usage have evolved. One of the problems is the new sources of driver distraction, which ultimately results in a serious, growing daily threat to traffic safety. Simultaneously with the development of ICES, the number of distracters (mobile terminal devices, laptops, smart watches, and others) has increased as well, which also reduces the level of safety and affects the quality of driving. With the increase in participation and ownership of mobile terminal devices, as well as the implementation of modern multimedia information and communication systems in vehicles, this problem will further escalate in the coming years. The unfavorable factor comes from the fact that distraction factors influenced by using ICES belong to bio-mechanical, cognitive, auditory, and visual categories, which directly affects essential human functions for successful and safe vehicle operation. This paper provides insight into the issue of distraction factors that affect drivers with an emphasis on those caused by using modern ICES.

05. 2018.

Aktivnosti i rezultati provođenja projekta Utjecaj korištenja mobilnih uređaja na ponašanje vozača tijekom vožnje

Peraković, Dragan; Zorić, Petra; Sente, Rosana Elizabeta; Cvitić, Ivan

Analizom ponašanja vozača na cestama u Republici Hrvatskoj uočeno je učestalo korištenje mobilnih uređaja u vožnji. S ciljem povećanja prevencije i podizanja svijesti o negativnom utjecaju korištenja mobilnih uređaja na ponašanje vozača i sigurnost cestovnog prometa, provedeno je istraživanje financirano iz sredstava NPSCP. Ovaj rad daje prikaz provedenih aktivnosti te rezultate analize prikupljenih podataka, putem više anketnih upitnika, o navikama i stavovima vozača o korištenju mobilnih uređaja tijekom vožnje.


Skup42. stručni seminar o prometnoj infrastrukturi i sigurnosti u prometu - Ceste 2018.

11. 2017.

Using mobile devices while driving in Croatia – preliminary analysis

Peraković, Dragan; Grgurević, Ivan; Šarić, Željko; Forenbacher, Ivan; Husnjak, Siniša; Jovović, Ivan; Cvitić, Ivan; Kordić, Gordana; Sente, Rosana Elizabeta; Zorić, Petra

Research has shown that using a mobile device while driving increases the risk of traffic accidents by up to five times. From 2010 to 2014, Croatia has doubled the number of offenses caused using mobile device while driving. Current methods of prevention have succeeded in reducing the number of offenses (reduction of 6% in 2016), which justifies the investment in ways to improve prevention. Except the financial penalties, activities in the form of prevention and awareness raising about the negative impact of the use of mobile devices on driver behavior and the safety of road traffic in Croatia are insufficiently pronounced. The aim of this research is to determine the intensity of the use of mobile devices and to find to what extent would certain technical, technological and regulatory measures trigger a reduction in use.


Conference: The 5th International Virtual Research Conference in Technical Disciplines (RCITD-2017)